International Green Energy Conference


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Invited Keynote Speakers

Conference Format

The conference will be composed of the following events and activities:

  • General contributed papers that will be presented orally in technical sessions;
  • Keynote papers by invited speakers;
  • Panel sessions on special topics of particular interest;
  • Specialized sessions on selected and focused topics.


Further there will be book/journal exhibition and social events for the conference delegates.

Conference Proceedings

All papers will be screened and reviewed by the conference technical and organizing committees under the direction of the International Scientific and Advisory Committee. All accepted papers, will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference which will be available during the Conference and included in the registration package.

Journal Publication

High-quality original papers of archival value will be considered for publication in prestigious international journals (e.g., International Journal of Green Energy, Applied Energy, International Journal of Energy Research, International Journal of Exergy, etc.).


Organized by:


The International Association for Green Energy (IAGE)


In Cooperation With


The Advanced Energy Systems Division of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME)









June 1-3, 2010

Waterloo, Ontario