International Green Energy Conference


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Conference Committee



Conference Chair:          Xianguo Li


International Organizing Committee:

    E. Dahlquist

    I. Dincer

    H. Jin

    X. Li

    J. Yan

    Y.P. Yang


Local Organizing Committee:

    N. Zamel, Conference Secretary

    E. Abu-Ramadan

    K. Jiao

    Catharine Gerhard


Conference Correspondence



Please address all correspondence regarding the conference to


Nada Zamel, Conference Secretary
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1 Canada


Conference Website:


International Association for Green Energy (IAGE) Website:



International Scientific and Advisory Committee:

S.K. Aggarwal (USA) 

K. Annamalai (USA)

A. Bejan (USA)           

S.H. Chan (Taiwan)

I. Dincer (Canada)       

N. Ghaddar (Lebanon)

A. Hepbasli (Turkey)   

H. I. Inyang (USA)

H. Jin (China)               

M.J. Kaiser (USA)

G.A. Karim (Canada)  

I.B. Kilkis (USA)

C.K. Law (USA)         

H. Liu (USA)

Z.H. (Simon) Liu (Canada)

S. Riffat (UK)              

M.A. Rosen (Canada)

B. Sorensen (Denmark)

J.G. Speight (USA)

A. Thumann (USA)     

S. Torii (JAPAN)

T.N. Veziroglu (USA) 

C.Y. Wang (USA)

J. Yan (Sweden)          

Y.P. Yang (China)

G. Yuan (New Zealand)

J.J. Zhang (Canada)

A. Zobaa (UK)



Organized by:


The International Association for Green Energy (IAGE)


In Cooperation With


The Advanced Energy Systems Division of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME)









June 1-3, 2010

Waterloo, Ontario